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​Services Provided

  • Technology analysis – looking back, what technology is performing very well, what is adequate, and what is performing poorly, and why?
  • Solutions determinations – what technology is best for us and why?
  • Technology roadmap – looking forward, what projects and technology deployments should be accomplished, in what sequence, what are the timelines, what are expected costs, what are anticipated the life cycles, and why should these projects be done
  • Technology budgeting – what budget should be allocated to technology and how does this compare to competitors. why should we spend more or less?
  • Return on technology investment (ROI) analysis – what is the real return on the technology as far as revenue growth, margin growth, efficiency, defensive strategy, and competitive advantages
  • Vendor and provider selection – which vendors and providers are the best for us and why?
  • Data analysis – how is data generated and in what format? how is it stored and shared? how is it secured? how it is backed up?
  • High availability (HA) analysis – how can the availability of critical technology services be maximized?
  • Business continuity – what are the contingency plans in the event of downtime or failure. how could the business continue as best as possible?
  • Disaster recovery (DR) analysis – in the event of disaster, how would the business recover most quickly?
  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) – develop SOP frameworks and content, integrate technology into business processes
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) analysis – how can loss of data be prevented or minimized?

​Security Features Implemented

  • Technology analysis – looking back, what technology is performing very well, what is adequate, and what is performing poorly, and why?
  • Strong Authentication, Use Password Controls and Implement security measures at the application layer
  • Create Separate, Secured Gateways
  • Perform Regular Security Audits, Penetration Testing
  • Recommend to have HTTPS and SSL
  • Tools to detect and close security vulnerabilities and harden applications against reverse engineering and tampering.
  • Secure the Device - Detecting Compromised and Vulnerable Run-Time Environment. We will use up-to-date intelligence sources and application reputation services to track applications and their associated risk.
  • Data and prevent Data Theft and Leakage. data encryption to secure data within the application against malware and other forms of criminal access.
  • Encrypt and control individual data elements while sharing.
  • Secured login with One Time Password (OTP) authentication. The application will be protected by secured login and user authentication will be verified by OTP and follow single sign on process.
  • SSL Enabled services – We recommend client provide the web services are protected by at least 128-bit SSL encryption

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