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Anytime you're dealing with legacy data and non-centralized reporting solutions you will always run into hurdles as time goes on. This is inherent in any system you end up building upon where long-term future growth and expansion was not a key component in the original design. Speed of implementation, flexibility, and end user customization was. Quite simply, long-term solutions were just not available 10+ years ago, which is why Excel and Microsoft Access is so pervasive throughout the business world. We intend to develop a solution that will provide the following:

  • Long-term expansion and growth.
  • Flexibility in utilizing many different data sources and formats.
  • User customization in easy to use and understand reporting tools already in place.
  • Security and access controls built in.
  • Implementation and cost effective project ROI.


  • The system should be fully based on user persistence functions/features meaning each user logs in the system has a unique look and feel based on his access rights and roles
  • Customizations can be based on either the user or a group has part in.
  • Report associated to organizations or groups are generated based on the persistence settings and customization assigned by the admin in the CMS.
  • Data is originated and collected from all required sources.
  • The data will be transmitted all around the globe for various applications and uses.
  • The redesign system will be using this data in particular with these visual displays to demonstrate and show reports required to take the right decisions
  • Option to update the raw data as the changes come or create static data where it can’t be altered once entered into these organizations
  • Story layer consists of visualization and graphs that were generated from raw data

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