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What's Healthcare IT

Health IT solutions deals with design, development, creation and maintenance of interoperable and automated information systems which help to improve efficiency of medial care and public health at lower costs for the healthcare industry. A healthcare information systems will continue to improve medical care and public health, lower costs.

Internet of Things for Medical (IOTM)

The Internet of Things for Medical (IoTM) has been growing dramatically. We have partnered with health, wellness, and medical clients since 2010 0n IoTM implementation and innovation.

Technologies We do for MHealth

Real-Time Data

Collect report and analyze data in real-time & cut the need to store raw data.


Facilitate doctors to access and analyse real-time patient data & reduce emergency admissions.

Tracking and

Gather and transfer data to doctors for real-time tracking & giving notifications to patients via linked devices.

Aging with
Peace of Mind

Bridge the gap IoT-powered solutions enables people to live in & out of their homes for longer.


Telemedicine solutions provide a venue to remotely deliver quality healthcare services, such as health assessments or consultations, over the telecommunications infrastructure at less cost to the patient. It allows healthcare providers to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients using common technology, such as video conferencing and smartphones, without the need for an in-person visit.

Remote patient monitoring via telemedicine solutions can help reduce the need for outpatient visits and enable remote prescription verification and drug administration oversight, potentially significantly reducing the overall cost of medical care.

How Telemedicine Provides an Edge?

  • Connects doctors with patients using video call
  • Monitor patient vitals for better care
  • Integrating hospitals and ePrescription
  • Improves patient access and convenience

How telemedicine improve health

Doctor Experience

Flexible Schedule Hospital _ Clinic Virtual Care_ Quick Payment


Flexible Schedule Operate from anywhere collect payments Quick



Concierge Services

Local Area Doctors


Video consultation

Remote Care

Medical Devices Vital

Corporate Experience

Easy Setup & Integration


Low Cost Health Insurance Employee Satisfaction


Subscription Payments Payment Programs

Weight/Watch Services

Medical Devices Vital Monitoring Healthy Diet

Care Taker

Help Patient Monitor Patient Vitals Alert Patient Alert Doctor


Tele Medicine Integration InPatient Care Acute Post Discharge Care

Patient Experience

Easy Setup & Integration


Low Cost Fewer visits to ER Pease of mind..!

Virtual Care

Nutritional Weight Watch Preventive Care

Remote Monitoring

Medical Devices
Home Care
Vital Alert




Doctor Selection Medical History Vitals Access Video Consultation Pickup PrescriptionPayments

Secured connectivity, away from ER Visits easy use, efficiency and Quick Payment.

mHealth Solutions

Our mHealth solutions are designed to strengthen a patient's relationship with healthcare organizations using a blend of data science, mobile messaging workflows, and dedicated account management with a HIPAA-compliant, enterprise-grade platform.

Health Care

Medical Reference Apps Patient Management & Monitoring Apps Communication and Consulting Apps.


Prescription Refilling Apps Medication Adherence Platforms Digital Clinical Trial System.


Hospital Management Apps Medication Management Apps Remote Monitoring Apps.

Chat Bots

Be Efficient, Responsive, & Inclusive Provide Quick Easy Access to Information.

Remote Healthcare

Integrating remote monitoring solutions will allow hospitals to collect real-time data from patients and provide these to physicians so they can keep patients informed on their health goals.

Real-Time Interactive Monitoring

Our solution enables care providers to reach out to patients and interact with each other using video conferencing.

Store and Forward

Our method involves acquiring medical data & transmitting this data to a doctor for assesment offline without parties being there.

Remote Therapy

Our platform enables a psychotherapist to meet with a client or patient over the phone, internet, or other electronic media, in place of conventional face-to face psychotherapy.




Importance of

Updating Current

Management System

  • Slow, non-scalable systems that are unable to meet the demands
  • Reduce maintenance costs and reduce downtime
  • Lack of flexibility to adapt to changes
  • Fix vulnerabilities and secure data in older operating systems or applications.




With the advancements in technology it's becoming increasingly challenging to maintain and integrate the legacy systems with new solutions. At Medical Apps Team, we create a balance trough application modification.

Advantage of


Current Systems

  • Increase data consistency and availability
  • Meet complex regular availability
  • Lack of flexibility to adapt to changes
  • Fix vulnerabilities and secure data in older operating systems or applications.

" We are a dedicated team of medical doctors, engineers, designers and business managers who take care of all stages of product development from concept ideation, breadboarding, concept design, prototyping, product design, product development, testing, and launching, to maintenance."



Fitness Apps

Fitness mobile apps are in high demand. Create your app now to help your customers track their fitness and customize their exercise program, duration, dieting and more!

Types of fitness apps we develop include

Health-Tracking Appsindustry's standard dummy

Obesity & Weight Management Apps

Fitness and Nutrition Apps