One Team Dispatch

What is One Team Dispatch App

One Team Dispatch App integrate Clients, Dispatching centers and Drivers for faster and efficient delivery of goods




Client can request pickup with Dispatch Mobile App

Dispatch Admin

One Team Dispatch Admin

Responsible for request management, client management & driver management

Drivers dispatch app


Receives real-time pickup/delivery request in Dispatch Mobile App

Amazing Features

Let’s see awesome features of One Team Dispatch App

Ease Of Use

One touch submit of dispatch request for clients and a user friendly app for drivers

Optimized Scheduling

Driver selection based on driver availability and location proximity.


Real-time tracking of Dispatch request

 dispatch app

Problem Reporting

Immediate action on any real-time problem reported by drivers

Delivery Confirmation

Real-time delivery confirmation with signature

Business Growth

Increase capacity for business and decreases operating costs


The One Team Dispatch app is mainly for companies/clients that require service drivers for pickup/delivery. One Team Dispatch app integrated Clients, Dispatching centers and Drivers for faster and efficient delivery of goods

Extra App Features

  • Driver search: Drivers will receive requests through the app and they can accept/reject the request.
  • Dynamic Reassignment: If the assigned driver got busy then Dispatch Admin can choose a driver who is available and can reassign the request to him.
  • Route Information: Driver’s current location and route information is captured and displayed.

CMS Features:

  • Client Management
  • Request Management
  • Driver Management
  • Analytics
  • Reports



One Team Dispatch App



Admin Approve

Ride Status





Drivers Accept


Ride Started


Ride Completed




Admin Dashboard

Clean and flat style admin and dashboard, Customized for beginners

Dispatch App Dashboard

Driver App

 dispatch softwares
 dispatch app
dispatch logistics software

Client App

 dispatch app

How it works ?

Are you looking for a dispatch app that offers seamless pickup and delivery services? The One Team Dispatch app is a convenient, hassle-free service that merges customers, drivers, and dispatching centers, for expedient and timely delivery of goods. Experience efficient delivery services at your fingers. The app is beneficial for clients or companies that need service drivers for delivery or pickup.

Your One Team Dispatch service experience begins after downloading the app and requesting a pickup. The Dispatch admin will process your request and assign a driver for your request. Then will update you with details about your driver and pickup time via the app. In the meantime, the driver will receive the pickup/delivery request through the Dispatch Mobile App.

What can you expect with the One Team Dispatch app? Our user-friendly app enables you to submit a pickup request with a single touch. We offer optimized scheduling by selecting drivers that are available and located closest to you. Once your pickup is generated, you can track its progress through our real-time tracking feature. Once your item is delivered, you will receive a delivery confirmation with a signature.

How is the One Team Dispatch Mobile app different? Drivers receive information and requests through the app, enabling them to reject or accept the task. In case of any unexpected issues, the Dispatch Admin will automatically assign you a new driver. Moreover, drivers can easily report any issues.

In addition, we offer content management system features such as client management, driver management, request management, analytics, and reports. With the One Team Dispatch Mobile app, you will experience a decrease in operating costs and an increase in a business capacity.

Discover why One Team Dispatch logistics softwares is the leading app for goods pickup and delivery! Visit our website today to learn how the One Team Dispatch Mobile app works.